We provide comprehensive support for brand creation, from start-up to improvement

To build a brand, it is necessary to be recognized as unique to the customer by articulating a unique value that is meaningful to the customer.
We also ensure consistency in brand communication through various touch points with customers, and maximize the value of the brand/product by providing optimal creative and communication tailored to each platform and target user.

What We Offer

  • Clarify the brand's raison d'être and strengths to enhance its competitive advantage in the marketplace

    To build a brand, a company or product differentiates itself from its competitors by clarifying the significance of its existence in society and the strengths and values the company wishes to bring to society. This will help build an unshakable brand that does not get caught up in price competition, foster customer loyalty, and increase employee motivation.

  • Designing stories and customer experiences that communicate the brand's values and bring trust and empathy

    Designing customer experiences and stories is critical to communicating the value of a brand.
    Customers perceive value in every experience they have with a brand. A comfortable and consistent user experience builds trust in the brand, and a story about the brand's history and culture touches the customer's emotions and creates empathy.
    Thus, to build the intangible asset of a brand, it is essential to have a customer experience that conveys its value and a unique story woven by the brand.

  • Efficient and integrated support for the ongoing operation of branded assets

    Continuous operation of brand assets is essential to the success of branding.
    We support the creation of mechanisms, including the establishment of guidelines for brand rules and a common library of design assets, to ensure the efficient and integrated operation of brand assets in the ongoing management of brand communication.

  • Hearing & Research

    We conduct interviews and research on three fronts - within your company, with your customers, and with your competitors - to identify what makes your company better than the competition, what makes it a good fit, and what the market is looking for.
    Qualitative interviews are conducted to understand your company. For customer understanding, we use qualitative or quantitative interviews, depending on the hypothesis. For competitive analysis, a researcher skilled in organizing information will summarize the differences between each service.

    When renewing a brand that already has a foundation, we begin by interviewing the existing image of the brand in terms of the company, the competition, and the general public to understand the perception of the company and the reality in the marketplace.

    *Hearings are usually conducted 4-6 times.
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    • Hearing

      We will interview your company's current situation and goals using our unique hearing sheet. The sheet is prepared with essential questions to dig deeper and derive the way forward, aiming to achieve the goal in the shortest possible distance.

      *Decision makers involved in the project will be asked to participate in a 1-2 hour interview.
    • User Research

      We understand the deeper psychology of your customers and prospective customers. Depending on the hypothesis that emerges from the interviews, we use ethnography, depth, groups, questionnaires, etc., to collect the data that best fits the purpose. We also extract each N1 in the 5segs and 9segs classification depending on the business phase. As an exception, we select multiple N1s from a particular segment if we are convinced that a particular segment should be increased. This will make it easier to acquire quality customers that will bring a lot of profit.

    • Competitive Analysis

      Your competitors are selected and a comparative analysis is conducted. At this stage, we identify your company's strengths and weaknesses and consider how you should position yourself within the relevant market. Our competitive analysis is performed to determine a solid winning position.

    • Customer Journey

      Mapping and visualizing each user's behavior, emotions, and challenges in the brand experience will enhance the common understanding among the team. Based on the results of previous research, we will clearly state what prospects in this phase think and what actions they will take, based on each N1. Based on this information, we can derive a high probability of good measures to determine what will be effective for each phase of the prospecting process. It will also clarify what is currently lacking and what is not.

  • Strategic Planning

    Based on the findings from interviews and user research, we plan effective strategies from the three perspectives of the company's strengths, the market, and customer needs.

    Effective brand communication is examined through verbal elements such as brand concept, naming, tagline, and brand story, as well as non-verbal elements such as visual expressions.
    At this stage, a KPI tree, user journey map, site map, etc. are created to organize and visualize the overall picture of the expected user experience and brand communication, so that it is easy to grasp the effects and issues of each measure in subsequent branding activities.

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    • STP Analysis

      Through research and interviews, we will clarify the STPs (Segments, Targets, Positions) in your case study. This will help you determine where you are in the market, who your customers are, and what you need to offer with your products.

    • Positioning Map

      Conduct a comparative analysis with competitors to clarify your company's position in the market.

    • Brand Concept

      Based on the brand's vision and mission, this is a 1-2 sentence statement that summarizes the mission and purpose that the brand should fulfill. It is useful for internal and external communications to briefly explain what your brand stands for.

    • Image Board

      Using reference images, the overall creative direction and tone and manner will be discussed. At this stage, we also research design codes that vary by industry, area, etc.

  • Design & Development

    We design the VI based on the brand strategy and creative direction.
    We also prioritize and create a production schedule based on each promotional tool item needed, and develop the design.

    Design and develop each communication tool, including logo, package design, brand website, LP website, promotional tools on SNS, brand introduction video and introduction booklet.

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    • VI Design

      We design brand identity through visual expression. Brand identity includes visual elements such as logos, symbols, typography, and brand colors, which are applied and deployed in a unified manner across a variety of promotional tools for brand activities.

    • Graphic Design

      To communicate brands through visual expression, we design a variety of productions, including design assets for websites and social media, package design, and print media such as booklets.

    • UI Design

      We design the UI that is the touch point for users to use the service. We consider usability, performance, and ease of operation from three perspectives to create the optimal design.

    • Web Development

      We develop websites and applications. Design and specification studies are conducted to ensure readability, scalability, and maintainability in order to improve operational performance.

  • Operation & Improvement

    We deploy the constructed brand assets into various promotional tools. In addition, by turning each visual element and brand communication into written documents and libraries such as guidelines and design systems, we will improve the quality and operational efficiency of brand operations in the organization. Furthermore, we will conduct user interviews and analyze behavioral data to verify the effectiveness and come up with improvement measures.

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    • Brand Guideline

      To communicate brands through visual expression, we develop designs for online and offline promotional tools, including design assets used on websites and social media, and printed media such as package designs and booklets.

    • Google Analytics

      The analysis is based on the accumulated data of the entire website in Google Analytics. We can also use other analysis tools to meet your company's business goals and project objectives.

    • Heat Map

      If a page is of high importance to a business, heatmaps are used to collect behavioral data on that particular page.