We support brand growth by giving shape to ideas and communicating and spreading them.

Design System UX Design Branding
  • Branding

    We provide comprehensive support for brand creation, from start-up to improvement.

    To build a brand, it is necessary to be recognized as unique to the customer by articulating a unique value that is meaningful to the customer.
    We also ensure consistency in brand communication through various touch points with customers, and maximize the value of the brand/product by providing optimal creative and communication tailored to each platform and target user.

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  • UI & UX Design

    We support the discovery and resolution of critical issues through a systematic approach based on design thinking.

    To improve customer satisfaction in your products and services, we help you plan and execute strategies that balance business and user needs.
    Using a systematic approach based on design thinking, we provide data-driven solutions through design by gaining a deep understanding of user needs using methods such as user research, personas, storyboarding, and prototyping.

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  • Design System

    We support you in creating an efficient system to ensure that your products and brands create value on an ongoing basis.

    A design system is an ecosystem that integrates various resources used in the operation of a product or brand, including design guidelines, UI libraries, and development environments.
    CIRCL can help you design a design system that meets your organization's structure and operational needs to create an efficient structure for your product or brand to continuously create value.
    CIRCL will design a design system that meets your company's organizational structure and operational needs.